Larissa Ramey

wearable (we are able) archive
Location: Arkansas
Nationality: American
Biography: Larissa Ramey is a multimedia artist who primarily works with photography. Her works display themes about race, identity, heritage and body image.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a concentration in Photography from the... MORE
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wearable (we are able) archive
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Updated Oct 2023
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wearable (we are able) archive

Archive; to organize and dedicate to preserving of….  
My attraction to the archive fixates on three fundamental investigations. First, my immersion into Black people's recorded and unrecorded histories and lived experiences. Second, the role of a designer, curator, and collector in facilitating conversation around art and fashion. And lastly, how my practice can be transformed into activating the archives and afrofuturism.

To be in conversation with a wearable archive is to invest in the in-between spaces. My practice has led me to the intersections of the family archive, archival methodology, fashion, black style, performance, sound, and installation. With each thread, from research to material to conversation, I want to investigate how fashion and the archives can become a third layer, an opening for expression through concept and form. I wish to make a space of fluidity through clothing and active participation, creating a space to navigate Blackness and otherness. I intend to channel the aesthetics, culture, and symbolism that influence my identity, personal history, and role as an agitator.

Footnotes as a love practice. Inspired by my dad, Len Ramey.

multi-medium performance and installation work, 2023 
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