Lindsey Dalthorp

Location: Olympia, Washington
Nationality: United States
Biography: Lindsey Dalthorp is an independent artist, photographer and teacher from Olympia, Washington. Main themes in her photography include community, history and social justice. Her work has been featured in Olympia’s progressive newspaper ... MORE
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Updated Aug 2020
Location Olympia, Wa
Topics Arts, Beauty, Black and White, Capitalism, Community, Documentary, Dreams, Editorial, Epidemics, Fine Art, Hope, Lifestyle, Photography, Portraiture, Young creative professionals
My friend Rosa is a recent graduate from Pratt Institute School of Art, now living back at her parent's house in Olympia, WA, and wondering what her next steps will look like with the pandemic raging largely uncontrolled across the United States. Prospects for young people have completely stalled, and many of us are trying desperately to find creative ways to make a living. As an artist who works mostly with sculpture and puppetry, Rosa has been making and selling plush arms using recycled material to generate money for organizations supporting black and trans individuals. These images are the result of a creative black and white film session her and I did in late June, the first time we have been in the same place at the same time for several years.
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Lindsey Dalthorp / olympia, wa

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