Lexi Parra

Documentary Photographer, Visual Storyteller, Community Educator
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Nationality: US, Venezuelan
Biography: Lexi Parra is a Venezuelan-American visual storyteller and community educator based in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from Bard College in May 2018 with a joint degree in Photography and Human Rights. Following graduation, she moved to her... read on

By Lexi Parra —

Media News

Published: VICE World News - Venezuela's Iconic Motorbike Taxis are Running out of Gas

By Lexi Parra / Caracas, Venezuela — Recently went on assignment for VICE World News and spent time with mototaxi drivers in the city's..
Events News

Howard Chapnick Grant Finalist: Project MiRA

By Lexi Parra / Caracas, Venezuela — I am so excited and honored to be named a finalist for the Howard Chapnick Grant via the W. Eugene Smith..
Media News

Published: Caracas Chronicles. The Story of a Nurse during Lockdown.

By Lexi Parra / Caracas, Venezuela — The Venezuelan Crisis Drives Nurses into Domestic Work | Caracas Chronicles For them, day-to-day life is an..
Media News

Published: Queens of Caracas feature in HUCK Mag's 073 Issue

By Lexi Parra / Caracas, Venezuela — Huck 73: The Sanctuary Issue. Get your copy now. We were ready to share Huck 73 back in March. Then the..
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