Isabella Lanave

Photographer and journalist
Learn With Me - Unicef
Location: Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Isabella Lanave is a 25 years old Latinamerican Photographer and Journalist born and raised in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. She is member of Women Photograph, co founder of YVY Mulheres da Imagem and she was cited by TIME as one of the 34... read on
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Learn With Me - Unicef
isabella lanave
Nov 2, 2020
An episode of the "Learn with me" campaign, by Unicef, which I worked here in Curitiba with Mano Cappu and Sofi and Gabi, about teenagers in quarantine.

#unicef #brazil #learnwithme #theyouth

Episode 3 | Learn dance with Gabriel and Sofia in Brazil | UNICEF
Gabriel, 15, and Sofia, 11, have turned their passion for music into a new hobby. In Episode 3 of ‘Learn With Me’ find out how this brother and sister have b...

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