Erik Kruthoff

Location: Dorado, Puerto Rico
Nationality: United States
Biography: I am an American freelance photographer born in Wisconsin in 1981. I currently live in Dorado, Puerto Rico with my wife and two children. While living in The Bahamas during 2014-2019, I worked on an independent documentary project photographing... read on
Private Story
Credits: erik kruthoff
Date of Work: 12/01/15 - 01/02/19
Updated: 12/09/19
Location: nassau, bahamas
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Seeing young and old come together to create art, music and movement as their energy carries them through the streets of their community is powerful to witness. The tradition of  Junkanoo in The Bahamas is passed down through generations and continues to thrive in families and communities. Junkanoo does not exist without community, and people from every walk of life come together to create the costumes, music, and movement and support those who "rush" in the parade. The hours of labour that goes into each parade is staggering; a feat especially significant in a country with high unemployment and low wages. Yet, despite economic hardships everyone pulls together and creates something new and magnificent in the name of celebrating Bahamian heritage and identity.  

From 2015-2019, while living in The Bahamas, I began an independent documentary photography project hoping to capture some of the essence and energy of Junkanoo. After being introduced to Junkanoo on the island of Eleuthera, I went online to read more about the tradition. I identified a complete lack of meaningful visual documentation on the subject. With this story presented before me, I embarked on my first major photography project. This experience taught me invaluable lessons on how to find and build trust with subjects.
As I progress in my career as a photographer, I wish to continue to find and embrace my photographic voice. I strive to further hone my visual literacy, creating artistic and meaningful stories. An opportunity to receive a GUILD mentorship would help guide and direct these aspirations into real and cohesive projects. I recently relocated my family to Puerto Rico, and seek to become a member of our new community by creating visual stories that honor and uplift an island currently in a stage of Rebirth.

Available Jan-Dec 2020.