Joe Klementovich

Location: North Conway, NH
Nationality: American
Biography: I thrive on creating authentic imagery for editorial and commercial clients in unique and challenging locations. Photography from assignments in the sub-zero ravines of New Hampshire's Mount Washington to the bug infested mangrove islands... read on

By Joe Klementovich —


200 Years of Hiking

By Joe Klementovich — The Crawford Path is 200 years old this year. It's the oldest continually used hiking trail in the United States and it shows. After countless..

Oysters getting some love

By Joe Klementovich — More press for oysters and how we are connected to our landscapes. A small regional magazine, Wild Northeast just ran a piece tying oyster..

Feature - New Hampshire Magazine

By Joe Klementovich — A fun narrative collaboration, with writer Jay Atkinson for NH Magazine, on exploring winter with friends. The online version just went up at: ..
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Found and Featured on via Visura: Anybody Who Won't Help Save Oysters Is Just Being Shellfish

By Joe Klementovich — IT'S EASY TO get behind saving the whales. No end of people happily open their wallets to protect tigers and elephants, and who doesn't want more..
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Cover - AMC Outdoors

By Joe Klementovich — There's an amazing community of runners here in the White Mountains. The local trail runners and ultra runners race and train alongside high..
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New Hampshire Magazine - Feature

By Joe Klementovich — Not much attention is paid to New Hampshire let alone the northern reaches. Last fall I got to hike into one of the Randolph Mountain Clubs huts and..
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