Kesh Nthamba

Documentary Photographer
Mr & Miss Pandemic
Location: Kenya
Nationality: Kenyan
Biography: Makenna Kesh Nthamba is a Nairobi based Documentary Photographer and Cinematographer (DoP) specialising in storytelling, environmental portraits, editorial and photojournalism photography. The primary focus of her work revolves around preventive... MORE
Public Story
Mr & Miss Pandemic
Copyright Kesh Nthamba 2022
Updated Feb 2022
Location Kawangware
Topics Arts, Children, Community, Culture stories, Documentary, Historical, Journalism, Minority, Pandemics, Peace, Personal Projects, Photography, Youth
Mr & Miss Pandemik -- and Baby Pandemik -- was organized and held in Kawangware to showcase raw talent and as well revive social interactions amongst her residents after a long period of the Covid19 lock-down in Kenya, in October 4, 2020. This show was one for the young and the bold. The ladies particularly displayed boundless creativity, expression and diversity in their apparel. Attendants showed up in numbers ready to be present and to represent.
This photo series is my attempt to depict a community persistent to overcome.

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