Jose M. Ramirez

The guardians of Edgewood
Location: Weston
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Artist, teacher, researcher and consultant. His work has been shown in multiple collective exhibitions: among them the Art Hall of Aragua, the Arturo Michelena Room, the Velada Santa Lucía. He has exhibited... read on
Public Story
The guardians of Edgewood
Credits: jose m. ramirez
Date of Work: 09/10/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/24/19
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Edgewater is a small city near Orlando, Florida, created along the Indian river and close to the Mosquito Lagoon. Its name implies, according to urban dictionaries, a dangerous, shaddy site, perfect to start the apocalypse. It was not what I observed when I was there; My experience at Edgewater was that of a quiet town, with quiet people and strong guardians along the lagoon that made me feel in an ancient place.
Edgewater es una pequeña ciudad cercana a Orlando, Florida, creada a lo largo de Indian river y cercana a la Mosquito Lagoon. Su nombre insinua, de acuerdo a los diccionarios urbanos, un sitio peligroso, shaddy, perfecto para iniciar el apocalipsis. No fue lo que yo observe cuando estuve alli; mi experiencia en Edgewater fue la de un poblado silencioso, con gente tranquila y unos recios guardianes a lo largo de la laguna que me hicieron sentir en un lugar ancestral.

By Jose M. Ramirez —

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