Julya Nichols

Location: Pennsylvania
Nationality: American
Biography: Julya Nichols is a photographer who grew up in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. She attended the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design to obtain her BFA in Photography. Julya likes to explore different projects and styles, however, she has been working... MORE
A New Beginning
julya nichols
May 6, 2018
Friday I graduated from my college. I am going to begin using this platform as a process blog to organize my thoughts and document my progress on the things I work on now that I am not in school. This is exciting!

Also if you would like to preorder my book for my series Closure please contact me! I will be updating my website soon to include this series. 

Thank you!
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Julya Nichols
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Julya Nichols
A New Beginning by Julya Nichols
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