Julya Nichols

Multi-media Artist
Location: Pennsylvania
Nationality: American
Biography: Hello and welcome! I am a Multi-media artist who specializes in photography and videography. As long as I remember I have always loved creating art and making memories whether it capturing those moments for a client or having a viewer create a... MORE
A New Beginning
julya nichols
May 6, 2018
Friday I graduated from my college. I am going to begin using this platform as a process blog to organize my thoughts and document my progress on the things I work on now that I am not in school. This is exciting!

Also if you would like to preorder my book for my series Closure please contact me! I will be updating my website soon to include this series. 

Thank you!
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Julya Nichols
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Julya Nichols
A New Beginning by Julya Nichols
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