J. Genevieve

Location: Salado, TX
Nationality: Caucasian
Biography: At 17, this Midwest girl witnessed a moment unfolding between my father and grandfather. I instinctually reached for a camera and have not strayed far from it since. During the next 20+ years I honed my perspective, teaching myself my craft... read on
J.Genevieve Spring Collection
j. genevieve
Apr 11, 2021
Location: Virtual

J.Genevieve ORIGINAL ART - Current Collection and Limited Edition Prints
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The world is shifting, pushing us closer towards that wild edge of wonder. New life breaks through the shadow of the dirt of the underworld as the surface gives way to inevitable growth and organic, diverse beauty.

It is now the age of the goddess, the realm of the feminine within the world and within us all. And make no mistake, while the energetic rise of the feminine is absolutely a threat to the spirit of dominance, it is not for the purpose of domination. It is to put voice and action behind the belief that “there is a better way of being”, one which centers meaningful connection and equitable care instead of oppressive control.

This collection celebrates the replenishment, balancing and expansion of that spirit.