James Forde

Freelance Photographer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Nationality: Irish
Biography: James is an Irish freelance photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. For several years, he documented social issues in Latin America. His work is focused on long term documentary projects investigating under-reported socio-political issues. In 2017,... MORE
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Updated May 2020
Location Ireland
Topics Abandonment, Abortion, Abuse, Adolescence, Belief, Birth, Black and White, Christianity, Conceptual, Documentary, Essays, Faith, Historical, Photography, Photojournalism, Rape, Religion, School/College, Sorrow, Womens Rights
Faithless is a visual interpretation of the pain and anguish caused by the Catholic Church in Ireland. I began this project to try and better understand the dark history that my parents and grandparents generation had to endure, which in turn has allowed my generation to now flourish with freedom. I started in 2018 by interviewing survivors of clerical abuse, and after carefully studying their testimonies I retraced their steps to each location in order photograph the institutions where they served their time. After which, I printed the landscape pictures and asked each individual to write a message of how they felt when they were confronted with the past, the text in red is the outcome of this collaboration. The extent of damage done within the walls of these institutions is like a never ending pitfall of despair which unfortunately deserves its place in history.
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