Guille Ibanez

Myanmar, Land of Light
Location: Manchester
Nationality: Spain
Biography: Born in Madrid (1977) but drawn to Manchester, where he now lives, Guille Ibanez (1977) is a photographer whose work focuses on culture, tradition and human interaction. Originally trained as a cinematographer, he still combines professional film... read on
Public Story
Myanmar, Land of Light
Copyright 2021
Date of Work 02/10/15 - Ongoing
Updated 03/31/17
Location Myanmar

Myanmar is a very special place for me. This is where I discovered that photography was my thing, my passion. I have very fond memories of walking down the hot streets of the big cities like Yangon and Mandalay and small towns like Kalay and Meikhtila. I have a very clear memory of the amazing quality of the light, the colours, the smells and the lovely burmese people. In many respects this project is the opposite of 'Tierra Santa // Holy Land' where I photograph trying to look for images that describe and look among places that are within my nature. Myanmar however was a complete unknown place and culture to me which forced me to look in a different way.

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