Hilaneh Mahmoudi

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Location: Istanbul
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Born in Tehran, Hilaneh Mahmoudi has degrees in mathematics and education from Azad University in Iran and York University in Canada. She has worked as a photographer on commissions by international NGOs in social and developmental projects... read on

Ever since I was a child, I've been drawn in to the gaze of people, wether stranger or not, to the point of obsession. 

One of my first memories is of me sitting at the corner of my grandmothers house observing my grandma and her companion as they went about their routine.  I wondered wether I would ever see pure happiness in either of their eyes.. a women who had lost her 15 year old son, and her husband within a year, and an old blind lady who sat in a room all day staring at a wall while humming sad tunes to her self...

The look in people's eyes, the one thing I never forget and don't lose vision of.. perhaps the reason I was captured by photography.  To be able to steal that gaze , to stare at it, and beyond it, for an unlimited  amount of time. The gaze is like a pathway,  drawing the observer in to the story of ones existence.  The eye is the only part of our physical self that has a soul, dimension.  . The only restless part that is constantly trying to reach out,  to communicate, to find out, to be found...


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