Kiera Hight

Photographer and Filmmaker
Vernal Pools with the Virginia Association of Environmental Education
Location: Asheville, NC
Nationality: USA
Biography: I am a photographer and filmmaker currently based in Asheville, NC specializing in editorial, documentary, and commercial work. My concentrations include environmental activism, NGO work, and social issues surrounding western narratives. Having... MORE
Public Story
Vernal Pools with the Virginia Association of Environmental Education
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Date of Work Feb 2020 - Feb 2020
Updated Oct 2020
Location Amherst, VA
Topics Animals, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, NGO, Photography, Wildlife
The Virginia Association for Environmental Education is a network of environmental education professionals working collaboratively to advance Environmental and Sustainability Education in the Commonwealth. The VAEE serves as an advocate for environmental education and sustainability education through policy and legislation. During the 2020 Conference, the VAEE provides a series of lectures and presentations for its members, one of which was presented by Mike Hayslett, former adjunct professor of environmental science at Sweet Briar College, on vernal pools and their importance.

Vernal pools are the ephemera of wetlands. They come to life with the rain or rising streams of spring, dry up by fall, then return the following spring. Due to their cyclical nature, the pools cannot support fish. As a result, entire ecosystems have evolved in the safe haven vernal pools offer away from their biggest natural predators: fish. Animals that thrive in vernal pools include salamanders, wood frogs, and fairy shrimp, to name a few.  
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