Matias Gonzalez

"Be" from the block.
Location: Buenos Aires
Nationality: Chileno
Biography: Matí­as González Salinas (SCL - Chile, 1993) Fotógrafo documental con especial interés en asuntos sociales. Es miembro del Colectivo   MigrarPhoto . Luego de terminar la carrera de Fotografí­a en la "EAF” de Buenos Aires (2014) regresa a... MORE
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"Be" from the block.
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Date of Work Dec 2017 - Ongoing
Updated Dec 2017
Topics Adolescence, Cancer, Community, Discrimination, Documentary, Drug Abuse, Energy, Family, Feminism, Gangs, Gay, Gay Rights, Gender, Hope, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Still life, Street, Transgender, Youth


The story of Beatrice de Jesus (30) allows us to see different aspects of American society today that speak of "changes" that include; Violence, immigration and gentrification in one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in New York today, Brooklyn.

What is gentrification? It can be said that it begins when a group of people with some purchasing power discover a neighborhood that, despite being degraded and plunged in poverty, offers a good value for money and decide to settle in it. These neighborhoods are usually located near the center of the city.


On going project.

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Family, Love and Cannabis Oil.

Matias Gonzalez / Argentina


Matias Gonzalez
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