Rachel Goldstein

Uncertainty and Trust (Ongoing)
Biography: Rachel Goldstein is a photographer, artist and educator living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009 with her MFA in Photography.  She has received many awards for her work, which... read on
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Uncertainty and Trust (Ongoing)
Copyright rachel goldstein 2021
Date of Work 12/12/18 - Ongoing
Updated 12/22/19
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In the snow, I retrace my steps, following the tracks.
I can see where others have been, and I can see my steps.
A lot has changed.  Am I the same?
I look around,
Finding my way, in a place many would not understand,
Can I make sense of it?
Everyday, a step into the unknown.
Can I trust the path I see?

Can I trust the path that calls to me?