Mariona Giner

Photographer working with NGOs on communication campaigns and photography projects in underprivileged communities
Refuge Part 3
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Nationality: British / Spanish
Biography: I am an Anglo-Catalan documentary photographer based in Barcelona.   I work for NGOs focusing on social issues and human rights, producing communication and corporate photography for Fundació Formació i Treball, Médicos... read on
Public Story
Refuge Part 3
Credits: mariona giner
Updated: 05/05/20
To organise the most basic everyday needs is a feat in itself, and takes up most hours of the day, leaving little space for change or personal improvement. This exhausting routine is often used by women in order to fill in time and ignore other issues that they need to address, but then this procrastination is a tendency that many of us have at some point in our lives, whether we are homeless or not. For some homeless women, however, it has nothing to do with procrastination, and surviving on a daily basis is the only possible objective because the logistics are so complicated that they take up most of the day. A typical case is with homeless mothers who put their children’s needs first. Survival is also the key issue when illegal migrants find themselves in a dead-end situation, or where extreme drug consuming is involved. Whatever the case, most of the day is centred on obtaining basic personal needs.  

By Mariona Giner —


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