• thomas freteur

    Photographer / Videographer
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  • Location: Kinshasa
    Nationality: Belgian
    Biography: Years ago, Thomas received from his Grand-Pa the Hasselblad that he had kept through out his photographer career, stretching back to the early 50’s. Was it this Hasselblad, more than his diploma in social media, that convinced Thomas he had... read on


Beograd, Serbia 2003
Around Gonaives, Haiti 2017
Around Gonaives, Haiti 2017
Emilien, France 2015...
Emilien, France 2015 http://www.thomasfreteur.com/transition
The N'galawa is a traditional,...
The N'galawa is a traditional, double-outrigger canoe of the swahili people living in Zanzibar and the Tanzanian coast. It is used for short distance transport of goods or people, as well as a coastal fishing boat. It can be classified as a variation of another common type of swahili canoe known as mtumbwi. Zanzibar 2018
Somewhere in Arizona... USA 2018
Somewhere in Arizona... USA 2018
Les prieurs...
The priors... 
New project...
Les prieurs... The priors... New project Coming soon!
Saly c’est fini

Following the discovery of...
Saly c’est fini Following the discovery of the http://www.salysenegal.net/ and its interesting text introduction ; "Saly, it was a little St Tropez of the 50s. Tourism had begun to win the battle of African authenticity but, the crisis went through there ... Disastrous management of the state, Sapco, the Visa now canceled, Ebola, jihadists and other erroneous information coming from the West and France especially, have wiped out tourism in Senegal among others and in Saly in particular. Other than that within the resort where a few kilometers away, you will meet beautiful people, fabulous landscapes, Africa! Saly is a starting point, back from excursions, discoveries. With its comfort, its animations and tourist distractions, Saly will meet the expectation of 95% of the tourists well informed on this particular destination: holidays and discoveries. Many residents, mostly French, settled in Saly. Business or retirement, they form a community sometimes disparaged but picturesque. Saly is still a popular destination for all those who are lucid about choosing a destination DIFFERENT from La Baule, Cannes, Biarritz, Rimini, La Escala or Bodrum ... Saly, Is tourism to the African! This is typical, it is "elsewhere", particular. Reserved for tourists who have chosen a certain exoticism, a certain typically Senegalese charm ... or to shut themselves in a club hotel under the pretext that the population is black, sticky and dirty! These people have nothing to do in Senegal, a country that falls irresistibly in love if you have the right feeling. Inexplicable!" I decided to travel there and make up my own opinion…
Photo taken during assignment for USA Today in...
Photo taken during assignment for USA Today in the South of Haiti : https://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/news/world/2015/01/09/parents-of-haiti-quake-victim-realize-her-final-wish/21515169/
Along Grand Goave beach (Haiti), a woman is...
Along Grand Goave beach (Haiti), a woman is walking around in order to sell the swordfish she has just bought from fishermen
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