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The Box
Biography: Eric Kellerman is a Briton who has lived near Nijmegen in the Netherlands for just over half his life. In 2008, he retired from academic life to spend even more time on photography.  Eric works almost entirely in the studio and uses digital... MORE
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The Box
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Updated May 2011
Topics Art, female, nude

The Box is a long-running series of photos of young women (mostly nude) posing inside a box without a lid, 1 metre square and 50 cm deep. Two holes are placed in three of the four sides to function as hand- and footholds. The box is placed on its end.

The size of the box presents a challenge, since the ‘rules’ generally require the models to stay within its confines. Tall women pose differently from short women; dancers pose differently from athletes. Most people are incredibly inventive and have to be told to take an occasional break; a very small minority don’t have a clue. Naturally enough, they don't figure in the series.

 While the series clearly demonstrates the flexibility, creativity and daring of these young women, it also functions as a pictorial typology of basic actions such as balancing, crouching, bending, hanging, jumping, kneeling, leaning, lying, sitting, squatting, standing, stretching, twisting, etc