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The Economist: On patrol with the Ukrainian army's drone hunters
Location: Turkey / Ukraine
Nationality: Turkish,
Biography: Emre Caylak is a Turkish photographer whose work focuses on human rights and environmental issues. Since January 2022, he has been covering the war in Ukraine and the cost of the conflict on civilian populations. He has also worked investigating... MORE
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The Economist: On patrol with the Ukrainian army's drone hunters
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Updated Feb 2024
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Russia has supplemented its ground campaign with frequent missile and drone barrages, intended to damage Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and terrify civilians. These peaked in May 2022, when Kyiv suffered a month of near-nightly bombardments. Over last Christmas and New Year, Russian attacks escalated again. On December 29th the capital experienced the biggest aerial attack of the war so far, which killed 33 people and injured more than 160 others. It’s a sign of the strength of Ukraine’s air defenses that more people weren’t killed.


On patrol with the Ukrainian army’s drone hunters
Mobile air-defence units have just a few minutes’ notice to shoot down deadly weapons
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