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Location: Chamonix, France
Nationality: American
Biography:     American-born and residing permanently in France, Danny Uhlmann specializes in the mountain environments world-wide, He has documented cutting edge science in Antarctica, the legacy of dairy farms in the French Alps, and hard-core... read on
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Updated: 07/01/16
Location: antarctica
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Fosdick. A name known to very few. A place visited by even fewer. Nestled as a sub-range of mountains within Marie Byrd land in western Antarctica, the Fosdicks are a focal point of study for geologist, Dr. Christine Siddoway. Unraveling their complex geologic history will ultimately provide the clues to understand how Australia and Antarctica were once connected over 300 million years ago. A rare form of metamorphic rock called 'migmatite' forms the core the mountain chain, and trapped within its swirled folds are the clues that will lead Siddoway and her team toward a conclusion about the birth and adolescence of this remote area.

In order to conduct their research, Siddoway and her team travel first to McMurdo Station on Ross Island, from which they launch in US Air Force Hercules LC-130 ski planes which are capable of landing on remote glaciers with up to 10,000 pounds of supplies. The team spent over sixty days in self-supported camps of just a few tents and skidoos, traveling around the glaciated flanks of the Fosdicks while taking samples, battling storms, and collecting other data.

The fieldwork is simultaneously intense and mundane at the same time; gathering rock samples from hundreds of location for lab testing back at University of Maryland and Colorado College. Accompanied by two mountaineers the team attempts to traverse the range to discover previously unrecorded geologic events, which will be keys to understanding the complex history of Marie Byrd land and its relationship with Australia.

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