Drew Casper

Digital Strategist at Gannett
Location: Burlington, Vermont
Nationality: American
Biography: Andrew Casper is a Digital Strategist at Gannett working with USA TODAY Network. He is a marketing professional with dynamic, well-rounded career experience in marketing for small businesses. In the United States Air Force regarded as a top... read on
on LinkedIn: Don't Forget to be Human.
andrew casper
Aug 21, 2019
You do you. Why? Because your true following use you as a proxy for who they are. If you aren’t clear about who you are, and believe in yourself, they’re going to feel it.

Don't Forget to be Human. 
I love LinkedIn because it’s chalk full of tech talk, marketing strategies, and data, data, data. But a co-worker recently inspired me to draw back the tech talk and reconnect to the human elements of business, marketing, and sales.