Ariana Drehsler

Photographer + Photojournalist
The Faces of Homelessness in San Diego
Location: San Diego, California
Nationality: American
Biography: Ariana Drehsler is a photojournalist with a focus on social and political issues based in San Diego, California. Ariana has covered the Arab Spring, the rise and fall of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, and the frontlines of Syria’s Civil... MORE
Public Story
The Faces of Homelessness in San Diego
Copyright Ariana Drehsler 2023
Date of Work Jan 2023 - Apr 2023
Updated Jun 2023
Location San Diego

The Faces of Homelessness in San Diego

Over the last several months, I have spoken to nine people about how they got to where they are, what obstacles they face and what they feel is missing from the region’s response.

Some have struggled with substance abuse and others are down on their luck. And because securing housing can take years, they’ve instead created their own homes and communities on San Diego’s sidewalks, river banks, freeway underpasses, shelters and shopping centers.

These are their stories.

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