Deirdre Rosenberg

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American Pika: A Busy Winter Morning
Location: Pagosa Springs, CO
Biography: Deirdre Rosenberg is a wildlife photographer with a deep passion for the alpine. Her work with alpine and subalpine species shines a light on how our changing climate and growing outdoor recreation impacts these beings. When Deirdre isn't in... MORE
Public Story
American Pika: A Busy Winter Morning
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Updated Feb 2022
Topics Alpine, American Pika, Animal Story, Climate Change, Conservation, Indicator Species, Photography, Pika, Wildlife
How one American Pika spent her morning on a particularly warm winter day at 12,500ft.
During the cold months, these alpine critters spend a great deal of time below the talus in cozy dens. But when the sun comes out, things heat up a bit (think 10*f) and there is a chance to run around and soak up the warmth! They just love it. On the morning I skinned up into this alpine zone, I observed a pika as she emerged from her den, ate a little bit, stole a bit of grass from a neighbor, ate some lichens and did a whole lots of lounging in the sunshine!