David Sladek

Photographer, journalist
My Šumiac archives 2010 - 2020
Location: Surrey, UK
Nationality: Czech
Biography: David Sládek is Czech independent photojournalist and photodocumentarist living in London and a former reporter for the Czech News Agency. Since moving to London more than a decade ago he has been focusing his photographic work on life of... read on
Public Story
My Šumiac archives 2010 - 2020
Credits: david sladek
Date of Work: 01/01/10 - Ongoing
Updated: 03/14/20
Location: Šumiac, SK
Šumiac is a small village at the end of the road under the majestic Kráľova Hola (King's mountain) in Slovak Low Tatra mountains. The location away from the transit roads means that life in the village has, to some degree, stayed behind the modern trends. This has been the fact for many years. Famous Czech photographer Markéta Luskačová picked the village for one of her first projects back in 1960's and created one of her most incredible works depicting life of poor people as it was. Publishing the pictures in the western press she was soon prosecuted by the communist party and had to emigrate.

I found the village in 2008 before I learned about Markéta's work there. Lucky pick had it that I bought a small village house there. I have been visiting the village ever since taking pictures of the locals, still original folklore, the Roma settlement as well as the stunning nature.

In these more isolated days, I have been going through my archives from Šumiac of the last 10 years. Here is a selection.

Warning: large gallery

By David Sladek —


The Age of Social Distancing

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Notting Hill Carnival - before, and hopefully after the age of social distancing

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Brexit Night: as it happened

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Serbian Orthodox believers pray and protest against new Montenegro law threatenning to strip the Church of its properties

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Demonstration against antisemitism, London, 08/12/2019

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Demonstrations against NATO summit, Trump and Turkish invasion of Syria, London, 03/12/2019

By David Sladek — Several thousand people demonstrated in London during 70th anniversary NATO summit attended by world leaders including US president Donald Trump..

Thawra - Lebanese revolution entering 8th week amid failing state economy

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Czechs celebrate 30 years since Velvet revolution with a demonstration against current Prime Minister

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From "From London to Beirut" demonstration, London, 03/11/2019

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From People's Vote March - The Final Say, London, 19/10/2019

By David Sladek — Hundreds of thousands of supporters of a second referendum on Brexit marched through London on Saturday at the same time that the UK Parliament..

From "From London to Lebanon" demonstrations

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From Free Kashmir protest, London, 27/10/2019

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From the Brexit party: "The day we leave, a night to remember"

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