Bruno Colaço

Photojournalist/Documentary Photographer
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: Bruno was born in 1984 and he is a Lisbon-based photojournalist and documentary photographer. In 2006 he ended his studies in photography and photojournalism at the Portuguese Institute of Photography. Since then, he has covered news and stories... MORE
Black community rights and black people's historic heritage for NRC.
bruno colaço
Sep 14, 2022
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
About black community rights and black people's historic heritage.

Last February I photographed Beatriz Gomes Dias, a congresswoman of the Portuguese Parliament who has taken the initiative for the slave monument organization in Lisbon. Confronting Portugal's colonial past (a 400-year period of the slave trade) with its multiracial present is divisive so "We want this monument to bring life to the debate around racism today," says Ms. Gomes Dias.

This was my latest assignment for the Dutch newspaper NRC and due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it was not published until now. If it made sense to be published back then, what to say about it these days?

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Black community rights and black people's historic heritage for NRC. by Bruno Colaço
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