Beth Chucker

Night Rituals
Location: Montclair, New Jersey
Nationality: American
Biography: “Same song still playing in the car, on my i-pod, from the night before, the life around me and in me was never the same.”   Beth Chucker is interested in private moments that shape the dynamics of relationships. How we cope with... MORE
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Night Rituals
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Updated May 2022
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Night Rituals with my girl/boy twins is not always calm and quiet, but photographing the moments that seem to be about their own internal identity. 
Ellie and Jack have a shared life with us, they don't know life without each other. Being twins, I love seeing their own individual personalities as any child. These images are their contemplative time in what ever space they can find, probably the moments we all find our true selves. Being an "older mom" we are seeing more and more twins born from the lovely help of science and fertility doctors.
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