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Cruz Nueva
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Nationality: United States
Biography: I was born in Oklahoma City in 1986, raised in Austin and Houston, TX. My first true encounter with photography was with my step-father, who had a darkroom and would make beautiful silver gelatin landscapes. I never achieved his talent with that... read on
Public Story
Cruz Nueva
Cruz Nueva is a small village outside of the town of San Martin Jilotepeque, in the hills surrounding Antigua, Guatemala. The inhabitants are all of Kaqchikel descent, with a history of persecution by the Guatemalan military. Obidio and Ilaria Sunuc, after surviving this tragedy as children, found themselves involved in another. Their eldest son joined his uncle and father’s brother-in-law to make a run for the US border, through Mexico. They met their fate at the hands of the Zeta Cartel in the coastal town of Tamaulipas.
Every night, the family gathers after dinner and prays to an altar for their son, citing not only phrases from the Bible but personal experiences as well. Ilaria still has dreams of her son standing outside their house, saying “I’m home!” Obidio tells her not to worry, that despite of what happened life will continue.
William, the second oldest, wishes to follow in his older brother’s footsteps, but Ilaria, still traumatized by what happened to the oldest son, refuses to allow him to go unless he can obtain a visa.