Celine Marchbank

Documentary Photographer
Notes From A (very) Small Island
Location: London, UK
Nationality: British
Biography: Celine Marchbank is a slow and acute observer of daily life, fascinated by the quiet details of domesticity, and the often overlooked stories within. Celine’s first book; Tulip, the story of the last year of her mother's life, was... read on
Public Story
Notes From A (very) Small Island
Credits: celine marchbank
Updated: 11/22/16
Archived as: 

Since first laying eyes on the Isle of May I've been fascinated by this tiny uninhabited island. Only half a mile long, sitting a couple of miles off the Fife coast in Scotland, I always found myself staring out to it with intrigue. After hearing it was home to only a very small collection of seabird researchers, temporarily based there only for the summer months, and hundreds of thousands of breeding seabirds, I decided I must go.

So one April I found myself aboard a small vessel heading there for the first of many trips. As I approached the isle on my first crossing any nagging thoughts I had about arriving on a remote island to stay with a somewhat unusual community of people I had never met before swiftly disappeared, and a sense of both calm and extreme excitement elevated inside me. As the island started coming into focus, it felt rather dreamlike like I had been here before, like I knew it already.

By Celine Marchbank —

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