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on The Washington Post: Puerto Rico’s fragile recovery is built on thousands of people just doing their jobs
chloe coleman
Oct 16, 2018


Story by  Photos by Adriana Parrilla
Video by Adriana Usero and Juan C. Dávila
On the surface, life appears to be regaining some sense of normalcy in Puerto Rico. Tourists swarm the streets of Old San Juan on a sultry Saturday evening a week before the anniversary of Hurricane Maria’s landfall. They spill in and out of restaurants and bars operating on full power. Eager Uber drivers sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic to pick up and drop off fares.

Getting to this point took an astonishing amount of work, work that began even as the storm was pulling away from the island a year ago. Some of that work was essential and obvious: People needed food, medical care, gas. But they also needed to get married, to get rides around town, to eat fresh bread. Someone needed to do the work of restoring ordinary routines.

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 Puerto Rico’s fragile recovery is built on thousands of people just doing their jobs
Five workers, in their own words, on life after Hurricane Maria

By Chloe Coleman —


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