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Freelance photographer & journalist | founder of @everydayecuador
Education through WhatsAPP
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuador
Biography: Ana María Buitrón is a freelance photojournalist born in Quito, Ecuador. Her work uses photography to witness social problems and encourage people –silenced by countless reasons– to raise their voices. She delves into... MORE
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Education through WhatsAPP
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Updated Oct 2020
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Supported by National Geographic Society

Is a photography project that aims to make visible the increasing social inequalities regarding access to education in elementary school in Ecuador, its consequences and responses during the COVID 19 emergency.

In Ecuador 4.6 million children are affected by the closure of schools. In this context, communication between teachers and students is attempted to be maintained through Internet platforms and social networks. According to UNICEF, only 37% of households in Ecuador have access to the internet. This means that 6 out of 10 children cannot continue their studies.

Many teachers are looking for alternatives to continue their work remotely, even investing their own economic resources. Nevertheless, it is impossible to continue the official program due to technological and pedagogical limitations.

Intercultural schools have limited financial resources depending on both, Governmental and private donations to get through every year. Now, the biggest challenge for teachers is to accompany students to stay emotionally stable and remain motivated to study during the pandemic. Its methodology is experimental, therein lies the challenge of transcending social networks during this emergency.

These schools welcome indigenous and migrant children from other provinces, their education model promotes cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. They delve into individual identity and the construction of communities in a space of tolerance and respect.

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