Brian Frank

Photographer | Photo Retoucher | Adjunct Professor
A Mother's Love
Location: Des Moines
Nationality: USA
Biography: Hi there. I am freelance photojournalist from Des Moines, Iowa. Photographing for The New York Times, Reuters and Polaris Images, Brian’s images have been seen in publications and on websites around the world. Selections from Fight Night... read on
Public Story
A Mother's Love
Credits: brian frank
Date of Work: 08/24/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 02/26/19
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
My wife might be the coolest person alive, and I am regularly amazed by her. She is smart, funny, caring and just the right amount of dorky. She is lovely inside and out. She also struggles with body image after giving birth to three children. 

This was the launching point for my new project, “A Mother’s Love” that shows the marks and scars caused by pregnancy, not as something to feel shame, but something to be celebrated. They are physical reminders of a mother’s love and sacrifice for her children. In short, this is a love letter to my wife, my partner, and my friend.