Brian Frank

Photographer | Photo Retoucher | Adjunct Professor
Location: Des Moines
Nationality: USA
Biography: Hi there. I am freelance photojournalist from Des Moines, Iowa. Photographing for The New York Times, Reuters and Polaris Images, Brian’s images have been seen in publications and on websites around the world. Selections from Fight Night... read on
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Fight Night Photography Book Now Available
brian frank
Dec 10, 2019
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Fight Night by Brian C. Frank

Iowa has a long history in the sport of wrestling. At the international level, Iowa has produced Olympic gold-medal winners. At the collegiate level, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University have won national championships. At the high school level and younger, wrestling approaches football and basketball for prestige among the athletes. Wrestling is a way of life in Iowa. It’s part of who we are.

“Frank’s work cuts to the bone. The blood, sweat, tears, and beers. Twisted odd juxtapositions that obfuscate cleverly/mysteriously just as they work to inform.”
-David Alan Harvey

Fight Night is a photography book that explores small-time MMA fighting in Iowa. Culminated over five years, this book captures some of the most intimate moments as fighters explore the highs of victory and the devastation of defeat. It also chronicles the journey leading to the ring, from training and life outside the ring to impromptu amateur fights in bars and professional fights in front of thousands of fans. The goal of the book is to envelop the audience in the same experience that fighters and millions of fans enjoy. The images give the reader the feeling that they are ringside and hearing the roars of the crowd, the cracks of the punches and kicks, and the sight of gladiators fighting to have their hand raised in victory.