Talitha Brauer

Location: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: USA
Biography: I choose to love with my camera. I'm a fine artist working in photography and documentary film with 10+ years of NGO experience. In 2016, I co-founded the platform  Brother's Keeper International , an online home for  stories... MORE
From Refugees to Landscapes: Inviting the Viewer to Rest
talitha brauer
May 6, 2021
Location: Berlin, Germany
Hello, Visura Community! I am new here, and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a freelance artist (photography & film) telling stories of identity and belonging. My documentary work has focused on stories of friendships between refugees and Europeans. I'm based in Berlin, Germany, with family scattered from Nairobi to Paris to Chattanooga. It's been a long year without seeing most of them.

It is surreal to be writing this over a year into the "new normal". I notice a theme common to people, whether they are from the West or East, North or South: we are quite weary from this year. From the pandemic, from the restrictions on socialising and movement, from different boundaries on our relationships. At the same time, one of the positives of this year of staying put is that we are being more gentle with the environment by having less planes in the air.

I have been grounded just like most everyone else, and it has been a season of rethinking how to make art when it is not possible to travel. I have been finding a place of rest in landscape photography, soaking in the beauty of nature. My Visura website (linked) is currently serving as the print shop for my website www.talithabrauer.com, which I am in the process of migrating over to Visura. =)

I continue to keep in touch with the refugee friends I have made over the last five years. Some of them who have been in my art, others who have contributed with their own work of photography and translation, or simply sharing their lives.

In the meantime, there are two new projects in development at Brother's Keeper International, the arts platform I co-founded in 2016. (www.brotherskeeperintl.com is an online home for stories of displaced people and communities who welcome them.) We're working on a partnership with people on the ground in San Antonio, Texas who are caring for the immediate needs of the 2,500 unaccompanied minors who are living in the stadium there.

From June - August 2021 BKI will have an open call for submissions for photo essays and personal narratives from refugees around the world. Art, music, and poetry is also welcome.

If you are interested in these topics, feel free to explore my work and follow me as I post stories here. As I said, I am in process of migrating my website, and I'm still getting the hang of how Visura works, but I'm happy to have a new home here. =)

Greetings from Berlin,

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