Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin

Neighborhood Studies
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: African American
Biography: Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin (b. 1977) is a Los Angeles based photographer whose work focuses on the urban environment. By exploring the relationship between a neighborhood’s physical composition and the lives of those who inhabit it, his photo essays... read on
Public Story
Neighborhood Studies
Credits: kwasi boyd-bouldin
Date of Work: 01/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/25/19
Location: los angeles


The superficial, glamorous image of Los Angeles many are familiar with is more fantasy than reality. Life in L.A. doesn't fit into a neat narrative and is impossible to summarize. The soul of the city can be found in the working class neighborhoods that lie beyond the bright lights and tourist attractions.

Project Text:

Neighborhood Studies documents life on the streets of Los Angeles from a local perspective. Exploring different neighborhoods has been a passion of mine since childhood. From Mid City to East Hollywood, each has a unique character that is seldom seen in the mainstream media’s depiction of the city. In most cases, the narrative on the surface almost completely obscures the real story that lies underneath.

Documenting the unseen impact of gentrification can be challenging. Physical changes are often most visible but all aspects of life in a neighborhood are affected. Rising rents are remaking the city block by block, rapidly transforming areas throughout Los Angeles as long time residents are forced to relocate.

I’ve always been fascinated by the ways strangers interact with each other in plain sight. People perform an infinite number of hidden rituals every day as they navigate the world around them. These often overlooked daily routines are a crucial part of what makes Los Angeles the vibrant, dynamic city that it is.


By Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin —


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