Bonnie Briant

Everything I Have Seen Since
Location: Brooklyn, NY 11216
Nationality: American
Biography: Originally from Rhode Island, I moved to New York to study photography at (and subsequently graduate) the Tisch School of the Arts in 2008.  After graduation I began working for one of my professors, Yolanda Cuomo, at her design studio, as... read on
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Everything I Have Seen Since
Credits: bonnie briant
Updated: 04/09/19

It is a funny practice trying to define time, I can pinpoint the event that started it all, but then time just kept on going, even when I felt it should of quit. And then there are the pictures, neat piles, printouts ordered in line on my coffee table. They are there, a definitive, quantitative representation of time passing, not necessarily in their content but just in the fact that they are there.

They are the touchstones for me, they go forward and back, and remain unchanged, while the whole world moves around them. The photographs each tell their own stories, but their greatest triumph is that in their own oblique way, they come together in a refuge, a thin but steady stream.  

A year had passed and now it has been two.

A winter, a spring, a summer and another fall and everything I have seen since up until now.


By Bonnie Briant —

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