Patrick Beverly

Aspiring Conflict Photojournalist
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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: While serving in the military, I purchased my first camera (Nikon D40) after finding out I was being deployed to the Middle East. After returning home, I grew an interest in becoming a conflict journalist. During my journey, I've had the pleasure... read on


Two years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the welcoming home party for Olympic gold-medalist swimmer, Townley Haas at the Richmond International Airport in Virginia. Haas was part of the U.S. men's 4x200 freestyle team - along with Michael Phelps - that won gold at the 2016 Rio Games. He was very laid back - walked in the atrium alone, then calmly hugged his mother. She bugged him, "Get out your medal out of your bag, Townley. Come on now, they wanna see it." More than welcome to answer any questions and take photos, but you could see how exhausted he was from traveling. I asked him if all the athletes were trickling back or staying, and he replied, "A lot have to go back to school." August 15, 2016.