Roni Ben Ari

Location: Israel
Nationality: Israeli
Biography: My name is Roni Ben Ari. I am an Israeli photographer, curator and multimedia Artist. My work is characterized mostly by the long term study of social issues in which the human landscape comprises the main part. I adore people, whoever they are... read on
New exhibition in Korea "Ladies in waiting"
roni ben ari
Sep 5, 2017

The presence and daily life revealed in “waiting”

- Photo exhibition <Ladies in Waiting> Pohtographer:Roni Ben Ari,

  opening from September 19 - 30, 2017, in Gallery Ryugaheon, Seoul, Korea.

Women waiting for someone. They ‘exist’ in many places in the world. 400,000 in

Germany, 50,000 in Italy, 15,000 in the Netherlands and 270,000 in South Korea.

These are officially recorded number of prostitutes. A number of them live together

in life with us, but they are invisible. They are denied their ‘presences’. Even

though they are clear entities, no photographs are allowed to be taken lightly.

With this background, <Ladies in Waiting> that is first released in Korea of Israel

photographer Roni Ben Ari is unfamiliar in many perspective. Prostitutes in the

picture are natural, whether they are partially exposed to the body, body

movements, or any situation. It’s hard to believe that there were the photographer

and camera.

Israel, Russia, the Netherlands, India... Although there had been countless scenes of

prostitution, what Roni Ben Ari focused on was normal ‘daily life’ of prostitutes.

Like the title <Ladies in Waiting>, she captured ladies who ‘waited’ for the

customers. Women in the photographs eat their meals, dry their hair, and choose

clothes to wear. They also play with dog, and laugh, chat or play together. All the

daily routines are between customers.

“They are everywhere. But they don't exist anywhere. And I wanted to tell you

that, in my pictures, that they existed and they spend the same time in the same

space as ours, and live a life that is not significantly different from us.”

Born in 1947, Roni Ben Ari, who was born in Israel, sent the 1960s and 80s to

study as a researcher, and began her career as a photographer since 1996. Her

works are characterized by long term studies on social issues such as immigrants,

gypsies, and the elder. With her camera she present their daily lives and humanity

as a mirror to the cultured world that ignores their very existence. Many projects

she exhibit all over the world shine a spotlight on the society living in the

shadows, with the photographs serving as a kind of journalistic essay, the role of

which is to prod government bodies, NGOs, and private initiatives into action to

expand the laws protecting the weak and enforce them.

<Ladies in Waiting> is the work that has been recorded prostitutes from various

countries such as Israel, the Netherlands, Russia and India since 2015. In a society

that has been separated them as different group for a long time, the daily scenes

of prostitutes, paradoxically, tend to look strange and emphasize the uniqueness of



By Roni Ben Ari —

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