Alberto Barba Pardal

Photographer, videographer and writer
Holy Week
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Alberto Barba Pardal, Spain. A documentary photographer who believes the photography is the perfect tool to approach what worries him or is incomprehensible to him and also to reflect his culture as well as many others. Alberto believes that... read on
Public Story
Holy Week
Credits: alberto barba pardal
Date of Work: 03/17/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 08/13/18
Location: Zamora, Spain

In the south of Europe, Holy week is celebrated with a lot of passion. Zamora is a small city in northwest of Spain where the holyweek is celebrated with special austerity, respect and silence by the brotherhoods that parad through for the old town. Every year Zamora receives people from all over the world interested in this christian tradition.


By Alberto Barba Pardal —


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