Jeanty Junior Augustin

Haitian Photojournalist, videographer and editor. I work for Le Nouvelliste.
Location: Port-au-Prince
Nationality: Haitian
Biography: Jeanty Junior Augustin  Journaliste multimédia Jeanty Junior Augustin, diplomé en économie à la Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques de Port-au-Prince en 2011. Il a obtenu un certificat en... read on
Public Story
Credits: jeanty junior augustin
Updated: 10/21/16
Location: Haiti
These last days, it poured down on the departments of the big South. Put on the knees by the hurricane Matthew, we count more and more case of cholera within the populations of the destroyed zones. In the CTC of the hospital Saint Antoine de Jérémie perched on a destroyed city, the medical staff is on a war footing. On beds cholera victims, there are patients, stories, distresses, but also will, in spite of the pain, to hang on to the life, to survive. In adversity, for some, the courage and the intelligence have no age. Jenyca, 8 years, a T-shirt Michael Kors on the back, the lively look, takes care of her mother. The roles were reversed. The girl, the resident of Carrefour - tub, in the entrance of the city, had the presence of mind to lead her mother to the hospital. 

By Jeanty Junior Augustin —

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