David Arribas

Location: Madrid. Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: David Arribas González ( 1978, Spain ) Freelance and Documentary photographer based in Madrid. Spain. Interested in anthropological-social reporting. I seek to document the life forms of the environment around me that interest and inspire... read on


The first beginnings of the punk movement can be found on late 1960’s in Detroit and New York. In 1976 in England it began as a philosophy and a sociocultural movement with great intensity. Punk was born as a consequence of the socioeconomic crisis of the western countries that left the great majority of the population in difficult conditions of exclusion, unemployment and political and social instability.

In Spain this movement was born later, in 1977, after the Franco dictatorship as an escape of accumulated anger, and an anti-fascist and anti-capitalist character. Creating a subculture contrary to the established system where the written medium as the fanzine and songs with lyrics clearly against the system were means of diffusion of the movement.

When I look back and try to remember my adolescence I cannot do it without listening punk or rock music on the background because I grew up on that ambient so it’s a familiar topic to me. For this reason I decided to create a protographical project about the way of life of a punky group. I talked to a punk band about the "Ansia " project and my interest on giving a documentary evidence of the meaning of "being punky" with a view from inside the movement.

I went to their concerts, rehearses and their meetings. I created a confident atmosphere that allowed me turning into something similar to another member of the group. In adittion, I was interested on finding adult punkies who had lived and would live forever on the punk's philosophy. 

I wanted to show their day by day, their life (their couples, their sons and daugthers, drugs, music..... show his essence) and, over all, their disagreement with the society, sometimes very close to the hate.

© david arribas


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