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Independent Photojournalist and Visual Storyteller
"˜Like a Scream of Resistance': Rio's Carnival in Bolsonaro's Brazil
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Nationality: Paraguayan / American
Biography: Maria is an independent documentary photographer, photojournalist and visual storyteller working on stories and projects related to social, political and environmental issues in Brazil and Latin America. She is currently finishing her Masters in... MORE
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"˜Like a Scream of Resistance': Rio's Carnival in Bolsonaro's Brazil
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Date of Work Feb 2020 - Feb 2020
Updated Jun 2020
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‘Like a Scream of Resistance’: Rio’s Carnival in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Turbocharged creativity and passion were on display in the streets of Rio de Janeiro this month.

Rio de Janeiro’s world-renowned Carnival has always had streaks of irreverence and political satire. But with the ascendancy of President Jair Bolsonaro, many revelers have come to see the celebration as an act of resistance.

Bolsonaro, who came to power as a far-right candidate last year, and the city’s mayor, Marcelo Crivella, an Evangelical pastor, have done little to hide their contempt for the rambunctious festivity that paralyzes much of the city during the peak of the summer.
If anything, their disdain has turbocharged the creativity, passion and political theater that were on display in the streets of Rio de Janeiro this month, in particular at the street parties and performances known as blocos, which are held across the city.
The nature of blocos today reflects the angst and rage many in the country feel, said Amanda Salles, 30, who dances in several blocos across Rio. “In difficult times, like during the era of dictatorship, Brazilian culture flourishes,” she said. “We become richer, we unite, we become empowered.” (Cont...)

See the full piece online here: The New York Times - Surfacing
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