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David Aparicio Fita

Protests for the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasel
Location: Girona
Nationality: Spain
Biography: I´am a Catalan photographer, originally from Girona, near Barcelona, shooting professionally since 2010 for editorial and advertising clients.Now I am a freelance Photojournalist, I worked in a newspaper Diari de Girona & El... read on
Public Story
Protests for the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasel
Credits: david aparicio fita
Updated: 02/20/21
Location: Girona

Girona. (Spain) . For four days, different cities in Spain, protesters have taken to the streets to protest the arrest on February 16 of rapper Pablo Hasél, where he barricaded himself in the University of Lleida, Hasél arrested him for terrorism and insults to the monarchy Spanish in its lyrics. Sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison.
4 days of altercations, barricades, clashes with riot police, protesters destroying bank offices, street furniture ... all to protect the freedom of expression and the freedom of the rapper.