Amy Lyne

Location: New York
Nationality: English
Biography: After attending La Sorbonne in Paris and Bogazici University in Istanbul, Amy Lyne received her BFA in Photography from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, as well as her BA in Art History and French Literature. Lyne’s... read on

I was in NY during Hurricane Sandy when the city that never sleeps came to a grinding halt. We have all been told to fear climate change, but it was the first time it knocked on my front door and affected me.

We are shown images of polar bears stranded on melting ice and are told to beware of the effects of global warming. These iconic images are touching, but they don’t cause immediate concern in most people. I made Will It End? to show America, not only in its natural splendor, but also its urban decay. I hope it will contribute to the conversation about industrialization and global warming. If climate change doesn’t end then the world, as we know it, will.

Will It End?, 2013. Still Photography by Amy Lyne; Music by Clint Mansell; Edited by Amy Lyne; 2 min., 29 sec.


By Amy Lyne —

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