Adrián Domínguez

Spanish Photographer
Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Adrián Domínguez  has a long career on editorial photography, for two decades, he has portrayed a large variety of personalities and tackled reports on contemporary issues for international publishers such as Condé Nast... read on
Private Story
Spanish Photographer
Credits: adrián domínguez
Date of Work: 06/20/07 - Ongoing
Updated: 06/10/18
Location: Spain

For some years the National Arts Award was given to our photographer Francesc Catalá Roca (1922-1998). But it was in 1994 when the National Photography Prize was recognized at first, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain and which is the highest official recognition to the work of a national photographer, whose artistic creation contributes to the enrichment of cultural heritage of Spain. The first recipient was Gabriel Cualladó (1925-2003), member of AFAL Group and the renewal movement of Spanish photography in the second half of the century. To date, women and men has been awarded ... 
"Their images are part of our culture but we do not always know their faces"

By Adrián Domínguez —

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