Halima Abubakar-Idirisu

Tribal Marks
Location: Kaduna
Nationality: NIGERIAN
Biography: Halima Abubakar-Idirisu  is a photographer, researcher, archivist and artist with particular interest in preserving history and cultural heritage. She started her photography journey exploring the theme identity which led to interrogating... read on
Public Story
Tribal Marks
Credits: halima abubakar-idirisu
Date of Work: 03/11/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 03/29/20
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Tribal Marks

Tribal Marks are intriguing and have an air of mystery surrounding them.
Growing up to see close relatives with marks, made me curious about them. I decided to take it up to demystify its complexities but first, give one to myself which lead to “beating” from my Mother.
This made me drawn to the lines, the angles, the spaces, the thickness, the depth, the imaginations, the reason they’re drawn, their meanings but most of all, the relationship each individual has with these marks and also, the impact they have made on them.

In each of these stories told by the individuals, are life’s lessons, love stories, memories told and untold, happy endings, big decisions and a rich cultural heritage that is fast disappearing which urgently needs to be documented and preserved for the future generation to learn from and cherish.

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