Anna Leigh Clem

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Location: Kingston, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Anna Leigh Clem is an artist working with photography and other mediums to explore and portray her unconscious ruminations. Compelled by the secret worlds inherent in memories, dreams, and childhood, her work aims to recreate these otherwise... read on
Interview with Underexposed Magazine
anna leigh clem
Oct 6, 2018
Davida Carta of Underexposed Magazine interviewed me about my process, inspirations, and latest project "The Perennial Garden". You can view the full interview and more images on the UM website along with work by other female artists.
     Anna Leigh Clem
          1. Where are you from and where are you living right now? I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey until the end of eighth grade, at which point my parents and I moved to New Paltz, New York where I completed...

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