Rakesh Malik

This Land is Our Land
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Nationality: Canada
Biography: Rakesh’s exploration into photography began with a trip to the Grand Canyon. The grandeur of the place inspired him to capture and share his experiences. Such grand places required a grand vision, so Rakesh began working with large format... read on
Public Story
This Land is Our Land
Credits: rakesh malik
Updated: 06/27/16
America's greatest legacy is the protected lands of our national forests, wilderness, and national parks. These public lands belong to these animals as much as they belong to the public. Not only are they protected by law, but they are also the last remnants of the great wilderness areas that once spanned continents, now reduced to scattered parcels of land, disconnected, and still vulnerable to human depradations like pollution, global warming, and even logging.

Now with political pressure mounting to privatize these public lands, it's more important than ever that we recognize both their beauty and their fragility, and acknowledge the need to protect them from further destruction lest we be left with nought but a global wasteland.

These animals are part of the natural beauty of our public lands, part of the ecology.

Part of us.


By Rakesh Malik —

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