The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks

Visura is delighted to present this year's Editors' Picks, a multi-part series curated by leading photo editors in the industry highlighting powerful visual images by Visura members. Each image is accompanied by a short reflection from the guest editor. 

A special thanks to the Visura community, its participants and contributors. No one person acts alone!

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Nicole Werbeck, Sr. Supervising Editor of Visuals at NPR

"I really like how Eman Mohammed uses photography to learn more about her own community. As a photo editor, I’m drawn to stories about people’s journeys and Eman is thoughtfully capturing those stories with her beautiful pictures."

The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks
Subreen Dari is a 33-year-old Palestinian-American weightlifter who aspires to compete in future Olympic Games. (Photo by Eman Mohammed for NPR / 2021)

Eman Mohammed 

Photojournalist+Senior TED fellow
Based in Washington, D.C.

Eman Mohammed is an award-winning photojournalist and Senior TED fellow, currently based in Washington, DC. A visual artist, Eman was born in Saudi Arabia and educated in Gaza City, Palestine, where she started her photojournalism career at the age of 19.

For the past 13 years, her work has been focused on documenting the political conflict in the MENA region, including military Israeli invasions and the formation of armed militant groups in the Gaza Strip.  The main body of Eman’s work has since transitioned to a series of long-term and in-depth aftermath projects focused on women in culturally sensitive communities and investigative stories of marginalized communities in the United States.  

Eman's photographs have been published in The Guardian, CNN, Le Monde, VICE, The Washington Post, Geo International, Mother Jones, NPR, Marie Claire, and The Atlantic. Her work has also been recognized by several international organizations and was acquired by the British Museum in London in 2013.  A TED fellow since 2014, Eman became a Senior TED Fellow in 2019.

Mark Murrmann, Director of Photography at Mother Jones

"Seeing the amount of time and thought Sofia Aldinio puts into her projects is truly impressive. Her photos have a stillness, a subtlety that I really appreciate. Sophia is a somewhat newer photographer who I think is going to become exceptional."

The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks
From 'Awake in the Desert Land' an ongoing photography project documenting how climate change is uprooting small, inland, and coastal communities in Baja California, Mexico, that depend directly on natural resources to survive and thereby threaten cultural heritage. (Photo by Sofia Aldinio / 2021)

Sofia Aldinio 

Documentary photographer and storyteller
Based in Joshua Tree, USA and Baja California, Mexico
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Sofia Aldinio is an Argentine-American documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller. She is currently based between Portland, Maine, United States and Bajas California, México. Her work is guided by themes such as immigration, climate change, and preserving natural and cultural heritage. 

A large part of Sofia's documentary work focuses on amplifying stories of immigrants and refugees arriving in the Northeast of the United States. Sofia is currently working on a project about how climate change is threatening traditions and ways of life in small communities living in Baja California that depend directly on natural resources to survive. 

She has worked for non-profits such as Learning Works, Maine Wabanaki REACH, the City of Portland, Maine and Maine Immigrants’ Rights, amongst others. Her commercial clients include Patagonia, Patagonia Provisions, Cole Hann, Sperry, Opolis Optics, Thule, Winterstick, amongst others. 

Her work has been published and featured in LaNacion (Argentina), SDN, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Portland Press Herald, Maine Today, Outside Magazine Online, Outdoorx4, Maine art Scene, Backcountry Magazine, Bon Appetit New Zealand, Empower Immigrant Woman,  Outbound Collective, Backcountry Magazine, Food Network, The Wanaka Sun, Queenstown Magazine, NZ House & Garden, among others. 

Angelika Hala, Photo Editor at Stern Magazine

"I am right there with the crowd; I can feel the heat, the energy, the excitement – a crowd of bodies packed together, relieved for a time from the distancing and quiet that has become our normal in these pandemic times.  It is photography at its best, a snapshot in time, a photograph that tells a story. 

I am excited to see more of Alejandro Granadillo’s work."

The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks
Fans of Bad Bunny on his first concert at the Hiram Bithorn stadium.. (Photo by Alejandro Granadillo / Dec 10, 2021)

Alejandro Granadillo

Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Alejandro is a freelance news photographer and videographer. He frequently works for news agencies like Bloomberg and Anadolu Agency; nonprofit organizations like Americares and Mercy Corps; and, clients like HBO, Vice News, and the Tonight show. His work has been published in numerous publications, including TIME, Fortune, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, Forbes, Vox, Al Jazeera, amongst others.

Sara Barrett, Photo Editor at The New York Times, Opinion Section

"This is a famous and historically dangerous piece of water. The image suggests the ocean’s majesty, its mystical quality and its capacity to provoke terror."


The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks
A little over 500 years ago, the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan discovered a sea passage in the south of the planet, a region completely unknown by the Europeans who later called it “Terra Australis Incognita”. This discovery united the world and would come to be the first globalization of modern society. The waters of The Strait of Magellan unites the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Strait of Magallan, Chile, 2021. ( Photo by Marcio Pimenta / 2021)

Marcio Pimenta

Based in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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Marcio Pimenta is a photographer, explorer and visual storyteller who focuses on human and sociocultural issues, identity and climate change. Based in the South of Brazil. His work was featured in multiple print and online publications worldwide including National Geographic, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and El País.

A Rory Peck Trust and Pulitzer Center Grantee—Marcio is an International Fellow Member of the Explorers Club and member of Everyday Climate Change.

Represented by Redux Pictures.

Jane Yeomans, Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek

"Molly's personal work is very quiet and beautiful. This image captures the landscape-agriculture, memory and climate change. She always sends me her whereabouts as she travels, that is how she got the AZ story, dovetailed with her travels. I always tell photographers to keep me posted on their whereabouts, as I look at that list when I assign, which is often and globally."

The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks
N-Drip system feeding water into the cotton field. Bill Perry’s farm. ( Photo by Molly Peters for Bloomberg Businessweek / 2021)

Molly Peters

Based in Los Angeles, CA
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Molly Peters is an LA-based photographer and visual storyteller who was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard. Molly completed a BA in Photography and Italian Studies at Bard College in 2010, and she earned an MFA in Photography from the Hartford Art School in 2018.

Her photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Boston, Hartford, and Berlin, and prints of her work are in a number of private collections worldwide. One of her photographs is part of the permanent collection of the Burchfield Penney Museum in Buffalo, NY.

Publications include the Washington Post, Bloomberg Businessweek, High Country News, Aint-Bad, ARRI, Humble Arts Foundation, Don't Take Pictures, Foundry Journal, and Pearl Press.

(Part III / III)

The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks

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The Visura 2021 Editors' Picks
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