Selvaprakash Lakshmanan

Life in Troubled Waters
Location: Bangalore
Nationality: Indian
Biography: Independent Photographer based out of India-Bangalore. Published in The New York Times, NYT Lens Blog, Der Spiegel, Forbes, Fortune, OZY, Outlook Traveler, OPEN Magazine, Asian Geo, New Internationalist, and several leading newspapers and... read on
Public Story
Life in Troubled Waters
Credits: selvaprakash lakshmanan
Date of Work: 01/15/10 - Ongoing
Updated: 09/12/19

“Life in troubled water” project on the effect of unscientific construction along the coasts of South India documents the impact of chemical plants, factories and harbours that came upon the seashore, and other development activity which disturbed the sand movement and wave patterns, thus triggering largescale erosion and deposition of sand. The project also focuses on how erosion and drastic environmental degradation affect the livelihood of the fishermen living along the coast.


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